Saftehnika2000年在北欧注册,在短短十几年内就已成为一家全球性的公司,涵盖所有相关市场,并在全世界100多个国家部署其产品。Saftehnika先进的现代无线数据传输技术、解决方案的创新、设计的精确性、生产和物流的精确性使saftehnika成为点对点微波数据传输设备的独特制造商。其产品主要包括微波信号发生器,频谱分析仪,手持式微波频谱分析仪,测试仪 等。


  • 英文名称:Saftehnika
  • 所在国家:北欧
  • 主营类别:通信电子测试
  • 供应商网站:
  • 品牌简介:Saftehnika2000年在北欧注册,在短短十几年内就已成为一家全球性的公司,涵盖所有相关市场,并在全世界100多个国家部署其产品。Saftehnika先进的现代无线数据传输技术、解决方案的创新、设计的精确性、生产和物流的精确性使saftehnika成为点对点微波数据传输设备的独特制造商。其产品主要包括微波信号发生器,频谱分析仪,手持式微波频谱分析仪,测试仪 等。



Customer-supportive business philosophy is the fundamental element driving SAF Tehnika`s research and business development. We’re constantly monitoring industry trends to meet the current demands, but to increase the satisfaction of our customers requires foresight and the courage to act on it. SAF welcomes daring and visionary product development decisions, which has helped us thrive and successfully compete with the major players. In addition to an industry-standard portfolio containing a full range of modular split-mount and full outdoor Native Ethernet/IP microwave systems for licenced and licence-free frequencies, SAF Tehnika boasts about several industry unique and new market-shaping products such as the Integra and Spectrum Compact. To complete the offer, SAF Tehnika maintains and provides an outstanding technical support service – an often underestimated feature and a stumbling stone for our competitors.

Affordable broadband connectivity and mobile communications have become the backbone of the modern world – important business tools with a decisive impact on the competitiveness of our customers. To support them we are constantly striving to increase mobility and openness to fresh ideas, which are the defining features of our company. SAF Tehnika has proved time and time again that it can swiftly adapt to the challenges of a changing environment and the ever-increasing pace of technological innovations.

Accumulated experience, world-class intellectual capacity and a team of like-minded suppliers are the essential assets behind Customized Microwave SolutionsTM - our commitment to an industry-rare capability to design, develop and produce hundreds of supported, customer-tailored product variations, as well as numerous specific, user-adapted application techniques and features for our products all linked together by a feature-rich SAF Network Management System. 

Mobile and alternative operators, PTT/fixed operators, broadband access providers, ISPs, governments, utility companies and many others across the world are already working with SAF Tehnika – the supplier of reliable and energy-efficient products, ensuring unparalleled delivery terms and worldwide warranty services, as well as extremely effective and direct management-level communication. Broad expertise for a fair price is our proposal for time&money-sensitive customers who value investments in high class services and sustainable solutions to benefit from the emerging age of green and smart economies.

SAF's team of direct sales representatives in Europe, North and South America, Africa, South and East Asia, together with a worldwide network of authorized partners, are always ready to assist and provide up-to-date information on the available product options and solutions. Visit to learn more about our products and reach the headquarters directly to join the ever-growing number of satisfied SAF customers.



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